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Click on a template design below to view the LIVE demo site. These sites are exactly what you will receive, with your name inserted.


Customizing Your Site

What You CAN Change
  • ALL PAGES, including adding, deleting, renaming, & their placement on the navigation bar.
  • The look and feel of any section, including pictures, videos, colors, transparency, size, motion, etc.
  • All content (except the header)

What You CAN'T Change
  • The layout of the site.
  • The header bar. *
  • The site-wide colors, fonts, and background design.*

* These items can be customized by purchasing the Customization Upgrade, which includes a custom logo/icon and site background to reflect your instrument, sport, major, or activity. (Colors are customized on the Athlete Jersey template.)
(Email Support@StudentSuccessShop.com for more details about the Customization Upgrade.)

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About Us
Student Success Shop is a family-operated business supporting other families by helping students get into and pay for college using Online Resume Portfolio websites made with student-specific themes and sections, as well as offering college preparation information (industry updates, scholarship deadlines, tips and tricks, etc.)  More Info...
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