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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract or commitment?

We don't like being stuck in contracts, so we won't lock you in one, either!  Just let us know us 3-business days before your next billing date and we'll shut your site down for you.

Can I get the discounted price if I went through the trial in the past?

The discount is only available during the 10-Day Free Trial.  However, you can take the Free Trial over again with a different email address.

Can I change my monthly hosting and management plan?

YES!  If you're on the standard plan and decide that you want us to begin managing your site for you, simply Just let us know us 3-business days before your next billing date and we'll switch you to the other plan.  If you want to downgrade to the standard plan, it's the same thing.

What's the difference between the $49/mo and $19/mo plans?

  • $19/mo Standard Hosting & Tech Maintenance Plan - you manage & update your data (resume, pictures, etc.)
  • $49/mo Fully Managed Plan - you email us your data and we keep the information on your site updated for you

When do I start paying for my custom domain?

Never!  Your custom domain is always included with your plan!

Can I purchase without going through the 10-Day Free Trial?

Yes!  (But, why would you want to?)  If you're ready to buy your site today without the trial, simply CLICK HERE to purchase.

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About Us
Student Success Shop is a family-operated business supporting other families by helping students get into and pay for college using Online Resume Portfolio websites made with student-specific themes and sections, as well as offering college preparation information (industry updates, scholarship deadlines, tips and tricks, etc.)  More Info...
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