Our Partners

From time to time we come across a person or company that shares our vision to help high school students succeed in their dreams of college and career.  (And, not go broke in the process!)

We are grateful for those who have locked arms with us in this vision.  Below you will find some partners whom we endorse and work with to help each other's students succeed.

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Transforming individuals to SPEAK with power, FEED in word, and LEAD with positive influence - providing classes and private tutoring to empower children, teens, and adults to be confident, effective public speakers.
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“To stop violence, hatred, drug use, disrespect for life, and incivility; we don’t need more regulation, but EDUCATION. Violence won’t be silenced until we implement EMPOWERMENT.  Children won’t stop HURTING themselves and others, until they see how much they can HELP themselves and others.” 
- Founder, Jackie Bailey
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Email:   director@speakfeedlead.org
Facebook:   @SpeakFeedLead


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Student Success Shop is a family-operated business supporting other families by helping students get into and pay for college using Online Resume Portfolio websites made with student-specific themes and sections, as well as offering college preparation information (industry updates, scholarship deadlines, tips and tricks, etc.)  More Info...
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