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Let Us Support Your Program!

Whether you're a band director, an athletic coach, or an educator, you care deeply about the future of each and every one of your students - likely more than even the success of your program.  Why not help both?!

With tools that help your students AND bring in extra money for your organization, why wouldn't you become a Student Success Shop Affiliate?


Affiliate Application

Simply complete the application below.  We will process your application and send you an email within two (2) business days containing:
  • Your Relationship Manager's contact information,
  • Your Affiliate Program Code,
  • Suggestions on how to spread the word,
  • A link to your personal Affiliate Resources folder, 
  • Details on how to get paid, and
  • Next steps
Welcome to the Student Success Shop team!

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Affiliate Program reconciliations and payments are made on a monthly basis, paid out electronically by the 15th of each month for the prior month's activity.


Getting to Know You

Once your Affiliate account is set up, our Relationship Management team will reach out to you to learn more about what makes your program unique so that we can serve you in the best way possible.

We are always looking to improve ways we can help our program partners, so please don't hesitate to throw us your ideas, suggestions, and special requests.  If you need it, chances are another program does, too!

Here's to building a strong partnership for many years to come!


Sharing Your Affiliate Code

Not sure of the best way to get the word  out and share your code?  Here are some ideas!


Director, Coach, & Booster Survey

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About Us
Student Success Shop is a family-operated business supporting other families by helping students get into and pay for college using Online Resume Portfolio websites made with student-specific themes and sections, as well as offering college preparation information (industry updates, scholarship deadlines, tips and tricks, etc.)  More Info...
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