About Us

We are a family-run creative web design firm - and a marching band family!

Both of our kids started playing in middle school and played at a collegiate level. Our daughter played the flute; our son (and Vice President), Andrew, plays the saxophone.

After helping two graduating musicians apply for scholarships, universities, fine arts programs, and jobs, we realized that the old way of doing things has left students using archaic tools that don't showcase their true potential.  So, we shifted our focus from helping small businesses (which we still do from time to time) towards helping high school students get to where they want to be next - whether that's college or a career.

We know that there are a lot of generic website builders out there and lots of people who sell generic templates for them.  When making your selection, consider the impact of having ads on your site (not professional!), a random URL/domain name (not memorable!), and generic templates (not for students!).  As a fine arts family, we believe that you will not find a better value than XXI Designs for a professional resume portfolio to showcase your students' skills.

We look forward to helping your student succeed!


The Student Success Shop Team

We are a family-run business - even if our last names aren't the same.

After years of website design work in Corporate America, Ethan began XXI Designs in 2022, creating and hosting small business websites.  After Andrew graduated high school later that year, they partnered to create the Student Success Shop, offering personal resume portfolio websites to students.

Being business partners takes "family" to a whole new level!

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About Us
Student Success Shop is a family-operated business supporting other families by helping students get into and pay for college using Online Resume Portfolio websites made with student-specific themes and sections, as well as offering college preparation information (industry updates, scholarship deadlines, tips and tricks, etc.)  More Info...
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